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Following are some plateforms via you can make money online

Top 10 Ad Networks Websites

  1. Google Adsence
    The easiest way to make money online is to create a blog or website and start displaying Google ads, the more visotors you have on your website , the more will be earning. Through Google adsence , you'll earn money via clicks and impressions. This is a quick and easy way to amke handsome income online. How to Create Google Adsence account and how to earn money 1000$. watch video in English
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    Infolinks is another paltform for display advertising, you can earn from your blog/website by displaying infolinks related ads. it pays via Westetn Union and Paypal.

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    This is a direct ad selling website which you can use on your site make money by displaying direct ads from the advertisers, you just need to put a blank space on your site and the rest is done by

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  4. Media .net
    This is a join venture by Yahoo &, you can make more money then Adsence using . This is a CPM networks which will pay you for valid impressions on your website/blog.
    Chitika is back , yes, this is another platform for getting ads and displaying on your site in order to make money on the internet . it's very easy to implement, you just need to create an account there. Chitika Urdu toturail, How to earn money on
    This is a network similer ti, and you can start making money out of your blog/website if you just insert the ads from . This is another online advertiser program.
    With 230 million users per month, tribalfusion is another gaint in online advertising, you can just submit your website for approval and if approved then you can make a huge cash by displaying their ads on your site/blog.
    New but great, Taboola is now a days very popular among publishers, ir gives you oppertunity to display advertisements next to the comment section if your blog and you'll be amazed to see the earnings. Make Huge Money with Taboola, English toturial

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