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Following are some plateforms via you can make money online

Some Different Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Myyour.co
    Rent out your house for shooting film
  2. Findababysitter.com
    Take care of small children and make money.
  3. Justpark.com
    Rent out a parking space to someone online. How to earn ny just park, watch English toturail
  4. Gumtree.com
    Rent out your car parking space online. How to EArn with Gumtree, English toturial
  5. Clickworker.com
    Make Money by only clicking something online.
  6. Notesale.co.uk
    For selling notes which can result in generating money online.
  7. Etoro.com
    For online trading and investment.

    English toturial, how to work Etoro.

    This Urdu video Toturial is for Paksitan
  8. qmee.com
    Make money by searching online on Google,Bing & Yahoo. How to earn by Qmee, English toturial