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Following are some plateforms via you can make money online

Top 10 Ad Networks Websites

    This is a popular website promotiong products of other people and take commision on that and where you can start promotion pysical products and on every single succesful purchase, you will get a handsome commision. Don't be too late if you have people who are interested in buying online. earnby share sale, Egnhlish toturial
    Linkshare is another popular online marketing and especially in Affiliate Marketing. There are millions of products including digital products. You can promote and earn a very handsome ammount via commissions. Every purchase that comes through your affiliate link will generate atleast 50% commission for you and that's more then enough. earn money on Linkshare, Urdu toturial
    ClickBank is still attractive for affiliate marketers, you can promote any product which is being displayed on the clickbank marketplace. There are digital products which can be a fit for your audience or people you know, and there is a huge commission on differnt products. Som times you get 90% commission on an iitem which is via your link. how to Earn Money from clickbank urdu toturial
    The big giant online shopping and physical products is You can become an affiliate there to promote the fancy products which are useful for everyone, so chances are that you can make more money then you expect if you have people in your list who wants to buy things online. How to Earn Money on Amazon, Urdu Toturial
  5. junction)
    Click junction is among the top 5 affiliate networks where you can become a publisher with them by promoting any type of products such as physical products or digital products. It has millions of advertisers who use ir for promoting their products. As a Cj publishers, you can make more and more money by promoting products on your blog/website and on social networking profiles. How to Earn Money on, Urud toturial
    Another giant in this industry is ebay, you can get the oppertunity to be a publisher of ebay and start promoting the products (physical) to make money on the internet. It delivers products to all over the world, and the poducts are of daily use. How to Earn Money on, watch Video Urdu toturial.
    Tsu is like a facebook, in tsu you can earn a upload and other people like your post or view comments then you will get 90% commission. you can't join Tsu withour sponcer code, this is my sponcer code, write this code in sponcer bar in register form. Watch Video Urdu toturial, How to Earn money on
    Flexoffers earning English tutorial